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About Bijoy Soft BD

Bijoy Soft BD was founded in 2015 as a Limited Liability Company operating out of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bijoy Soft BD offers a diverse selection of web hosting services ranging from low cost Shared cPanel hosting to OpenVZ VPSes to large dedicated servers. Bijoy Soft BD strives to provide quality web hosting services at affordable rates. With ten worldwide hosting locations, Bijoy Soft BD probably has a location to suit your needs.

Awards & Recognition

Bijoy Soft - cPanel NOC
Bijoy Soft - WHMCS Reseller
Bijoy Soft - ARIN Member
Bijoy Soft - RIPE NCC Member


Bijoy Soft BD is a Professional Company

Bijoy Soft BDis in the business of selling professional services. Selling products as other companies do infers their hosting products are inferior commodities. It says that customers are part of the math formulas calculated by accounting and are undervalued to meet the company's financial goals.

Free DDoS Protection

Malicious online attacks are on the rise. You can't afford the downtime and lost productivity caused by these attacks. HostUS provides FREE DDoS Protection in selected locations to help keep you online.

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Bijoy Soft BD does business differently

We focus on quality and back our services with ready to help in-house staff available no matter what time, day or night, 24/7/365. Our staff is experienced with web hosting, and we provide them with ongoing training to insure our customers get exceptional support.

Managing Your VPS is a Breeze

Breeze is our custom VPS control panel. We named our custom control panel Breeze because it is extremely easy to use, no pocket protectors or taped glasses are needed and your won't need the computer guy from ´┐╝down the street. Customers use Breeze to control all aspects of their VPS hosting services.

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Our Services

We provide shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and domain registrations. To learn more about a product, click on the service icon below.